If you want to be on top of your first language, register at mstdn.vodka now !


The server has been resumed. Thank you for your cooperation.


For users: Due to the possibility of blackout in Tokyo, this server will be temporarily down from 11:00 to 14:00 (UTC). I ask for your cooperation.

This server has just been upgraded to 3.4.6! This patch release includes important security fixes.


This server has just been upgraded to 3.4.5! This version is a preparatory release for important security fixes.

@farcryper @DesuMasu @mevo
I added Durden on this server :tyler_durden: Thank you for your request.

This server has just been upgraded to 3.3.0!

admin さんがブースト

Whatever, please speak to this account in English about moderation and server management...

@DesuMasu I can't answer a wide variety of languages. If there are many people who speak Chinese, Korean, Spanish, or French and mores on one server, it cannot be managed.

Declaring community server as an official language is...

ゔぉっか: A part of the fediverse